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Project development

Transform your vision into a thriving reality with Find Land's Project Development services. Our seasoned experts take a comprehensive approach to project development, guiding you

from conceptualization to completion. 

1. Project Conception

We identify the type of investment intended and understand which are the best opportunities in the market. We will use our expertise and experience to help you make the best choices.

3. Due Diligence

After finding the opportunity, we will need to undertake key due diligence to ascertain the suitability of the property for the intended development. This includes essential investigation of the physical and legal impediments or constraints that may exist.

5. Finding the right partners

With our experience and vast list of contacts, we can help you find a great variety of people you may need to develop your plan, such as architects, builders, lawyers, solicitors, brokers, topographers, among others. 

2. Finding opportunities

We help you find a good land opportunity to develop the project, according to your needs. Whether you are looking to get a golden visa or just a good opportunity to invest your money.

4. Business Plan Development

A proper business plan is fundamental to defined in detail the objectives and the plans we want to achieve. We will take as special consideration the financial projections.

6. Project Management

We can take the role of project manager and do the execution of the process. It's very important to ensure that all the steps of the business plan are performed accordingly and to have the flexibility to adjust it when needed.

Your Path to Customized Land Investments
and Real Estate Success in Portugal

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