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Find a Land

Here you can find the steps of our Find a Land process. It will be adapted to
your needs and your project specifications. 

1. Briefing meeting

In our briefing meeting we will do a presentation of the service, understand your project, the location and budget. We will establish a chronogram and define the strategy according to your needs.

3. Booking appointments

According to your availability, we will program and schedule visits to the plots. If you are too busy, we can visit the plots for you and send you videos, photos and a do a visit report.

5. Purchase

We will help you negotiate the land, set the proposal and assist you with the property purchase. Depending on the area you are investing, we will recommend you architects, constructors and other contacts you may need to make your project come true.

2. Search

We have access to a platform that connect us to a wide range of properties. Our team will search on this database, contact local real estate agencies and other contacts to find the maximum number of available plots with the desired characteristics. After, we will create a list of plots so you can select the ones that suit your needs better.

4. Legal Analysis

After you choose you preferred land, we will request all necessary documentation to the owner and to the municipality, so we can do a proper analysis. If during the legal analysis we consider that is needed to submit any request to the municipality, we will take care of that.

Your Path to Customized Land Investments
and Real Estate Success in Portugal

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