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Why invest in Portugal?

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in Portugal. From beautiful cities to paradise beaches and quiet countryside, with friendly welcoming people and delicious food. Whether you want to live in a different country, build a holiday home or just invest in a place full of opportunities,

Portugal may just be the right place.

Good Weather and
Beautiful Beaches

Portugal has a warm climate, which varies by region, the northwest being more rainy, and the south and northeast having long warm summers. It is often sunny in Portugal, specially from June to September, which allows you to enjoy the stunning beaches of its long coast, whether you like water sports like surfing or long walks by the sea in the sunset.

Good Weather and Beautiful Beaches
Friendly People

Friendly People

Portuguese people are characterized by their warmth and hospitality. Most people in the country speak English, and the ones who don't will do an effort to understand you.  Neighbors are close and welcoming and always ready to give you a hand.

The Food

With its rich and varied cuisine, Portugal has delicious dishes for every taste. From meat cooked in many different ways, to fresh fish and seafood from its coast. Portugal is also known for its wide variety of good wines, as well as its delicious pastry. Is home to two wine regions designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. A mealtime around a table of food and good wine is a highly appreciated social activity for Portuguese locals.  

The Food

The cost of living in Portugal is lower than the European average. This can be seen in current daily spending, such as food, transport and education. You can enjoy a high standard of living for not a whole lot of money. Even in the city center of Lisbon, the capital and most bustling city in Portugal, rent is about a third of what you might see in London, and around a quarter of rent in New York City.

And much more

There are infinite cons we could tell you about living in Portugal. Such as a great health system with free public medical care, fairly high quality of education, safe - ranked in the third place in the Global ranking of peaceful countries in 2020. And so much more...

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